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Welcome to Hermit Moon Tarot, a place I've envisioned for what seems an eternity.  May you find peace here, a tranquility that is difficult to attain in our fast-paced world. If I can help ease your mind, offer comfort and guidance in times of need, lighten your burden,  encourage where needed, or shed light on difficult situations...then I have achieved my goal. 



I provide in-depth readings by telephone and can offer insight on a broad range of questions.  Telephone readings (Canada and the US) are by appointment only and I place the call to you.  For detailed instructions, please see "Appointments" in the menu.  To order a reading, go to my online store.  There are no hidden fees or extra charges.  I do not collect personal information, and I do not share the information you provide with any other parties. I will not contact you after your reading in order to "sell" you more information.  I pride myself on being honest and ethical, and I do hope you'll allow me the privilege of doing your reading. (If you happen to be in Crawford Bay, BC, and would like an in-person reading, simply email me at donna@hermitmoon.com  and we can set up an appointment.)


Thank you for your interest.  I hope to hear from you soon.



Peace and serenity to you, and may the light of the lantern guide your way.



From July 17, 2015 to mid September 2015 I will be available for readings at the Merv Robertson Art Gallery in Crawford Bay, BC. This will be most afternoons from 2pm to 5pm. Please email donna@hermitmoon.com for details.   


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